Organic Grass-fed Beef

San Rafael Valley Natural Grass-Fed Beef
Free-Range, Grass-Fed Angus-Hereford Cattle

Since 1995
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Why is San Rafael Grass-Fed beef so wonderful?

Because the ranch is large enough and has enough native Arizona grass that animals can be born there and live their whole lives eating nothing but real, native natural grasses and forbes.

The Lazy J2 Ranch, HOME of San Rafael Valley GrassFed Beef for 20 years is 7000 acres of the gorgeous, pristine grasslands of the magnificent San Rafael Valley. That is enough land to support year round native grass grazing. The animals DO NOT get hay or permanent pasture. The animals are born on the ranch and live 4-5 years just eating grass and pure water. We do NOT buy the cattle from other people, we know their medical history and treat them with respect and kindness.

Tour the Ranch including a delicious grass-fed beef lunch!

Enjoy a ranch tour and lunch at the Lazy J2 Ranch, serving it’s delicious Grass-fed beef and farm fresh vegetables, and dessert on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am to 3pm. Call Sidney Spencer for reservations- (520) 394-0031. Click Here for the Menu

Try our Summer Sausage and Mesquite-smoked Pork Bacon

 Pork mesquite smoked bacon grass fed beef sausage


San Rafael Valley Beef is Raised on Native Arizona Grasses that grow on one of the West’s last intact short-grass prairies… and the headwater of the Santa Cruz River. A wilderness setting of rolling grasslands, towering cottonwoods and winding river beds is surrounded by towering mountain ranges that protect the valley and provide a unique setting for one of the most verdant grasslands in the SouthWest. Pure water and a unique blend of native grasses naturally marble beef and gives it a rich, robust favor.

Nothing is more ORGANIC or NATURAL than GRASS & PURE WATER
San Rafael Valley Beef is Grass-Fed and Naturally good for you. Grass-Fed Beef is full of:

Linolec Acid
Omega 3
Vitamin E
Lower in Calories
Rich in Iron

Grass-Fed food products will lower your LDL Cholesterol and is heart healthy.
Grass-Fed Omega 3 rich Fat is good for your skin, organ and brain function, as well as reproductive health.

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• No Antibiotics • No Hormones
• NO permanent pasture with fertilizer & pesticides
• SRV Beef is “GREEN” !

No Hormones, No Feed Lots,
No Long Distance Trucking,
No Antibiotics,…..only Natural Arizona Beef raised on Native Arizona Grasses
in the San Rafael Valley.

or Artificial HORMONES !!!!

Buy beef by the pound
or in bulk…
no minimum !

Grass-Fed Beef Roasts, Steaks, Prime Rib, Brats, Briskets, Short Ribs, Chateau Briand, Filet Mignon, Beef Bacon, Top Sirloin, and Dog Food are only a few of the items available to you and your family, health food stores and restaurants.

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